Mike Hooker (LthrBound) has been active in the Los Angeles leather community for over 25 years.  Skilled in many areas of BDSM, his particular passion is rope bondage, where he has extensively practiced and taught both shibari and freestyle.  He is also an avid leather crafter, designing and making unique leather clothing and bondage gear, as well as mentoring others in the art of leatherwork.  As an associate member of ONYX Southwest and the Chicago Hellfire Club, he has presented sessions and clinics for ONYX, Avatar LA and may public play demos, and has twice served and judged several leather contests and helped produce dozens of others.  With many incredible mentors and brothers having guided him, he truly enjoys passing knowledge forward to the next generation as they explore and define the future of ‘leather’.

Ralph Bruneau is International Mister Leather 2017.  Dr. Bruneau has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is an LMFT in Los Angeles working both within and outside the kink communities.  As IML, he traveled 118,000 miles as an ambassador to the leather community around the world participating in 43 weekends of events out of 52 in his title year.  He is on the Boards of the Los Angeles Gender Center, CLAW and is the President of Avatar LA.  He has presented/taught at CLAW, IML, IMsL, among others.  He has written for or been profiled in Alphatribe, The Leather Journal, GayStarNews, Bound and Black, Box, Time Out, Advocate, Huffington Post and most recently was one of 6 chosen for an eight-page feature in Playboy magazine (in collaboration with the Trevor Project) because of his work with #BornPerfect and activism in fighting Conversion Therapy.  He was the Payasos Leathermen of the Year 2017 and was awarded the George Wong Person of the Year 2018 by the LALC.  His IML step-aside video was awarded the 2019 Best Musical Short by CineKink and is touring in festivals nationwide.  

Master Mina De Sade, Leather person, lifestyle Domme, Sadomasochist, performance Artist and Lifestyle Head of House with a rich and varied tapestry of experience.  They are a two-time title holder of the Ms. West Coast Olympus competition in 2008 and 2009 and placed as the first runner-up in the 2008  Intl. Olympus Leather.  They have been lucky enough to be Mistress of Ceremonies for DomCon Los Angeles, Atlanta and the first recipient of the Gio Micu award in 2012 for assisting the Kink, Fetish & BDSM Communities. 

They served as a marketing assistant or producer for Montreal Fetish Weekend, Bondage Ball LA, Club Debauchery, the Sadist Hawkins Ball, Club Indulgence, and various Von Gutenberg events and publications.  As an international latex and leather educator, they have appeared in magazines & webzines such as Massad, Heavy Rubber #25, and Von Gutenberg issues 1, 2, and 3, Gothic Beauty Magazine,, and Buzzfeed.  Currently an active member of Southland Title Sisters and an associate member of Onyx Southwest, Inc., and producer of West Coast Olympus Leather productions.

They have long shown a passion for being an educator of the BDSM, fetish, and kink arts.  Their experiences includes workshops for Stockroom LA and Stormy Leather SF, Servitus SD, Sanctuary LAX, ClubWICK, Ladies In Charge of Kink (LICK), Gentlemen in Charge, DomCon LA, Atlanta, and NOLA.

When time permits, they work independently as a mentor, educator and peer counselor in the BDSM and Kink community spanning across the US and Canada.  They have also garnered many years of experience as a trainer for individuals interested in entering the lifestyle, building household dynamics, the psychological and physical development of polyamory, beginning pro-Domination, and competing for Leather or Fetish titles, among other forms of kink-related mentoring and counseling.

I am Mac.  I live in a small world by choice.  I care about making meaningful connections with those who I find to be exceptional.  I care about being my authentic true self.  I have always had a bit of an edgy side, but I didn’t fully start to explore kink until my early 30s.   Since then, I have found I have a wide array of kinky interests, including sadism, age regression/diaper boys, puppy play, and much more.  My journey to ONYX started in 2015, shortly after I relocated from Long Beach to The Bay Area.  I was included, along with a handful of other Bay Area men who start a local ONYX chapter.  The experience has been incredible, and in 2017, we became ONYX Northwest officially.  My move to The Bay Area also gave me the space to begin to build my poly family.  I am now the owner and handler of pup parker, pup thor, and pup venture.  Collectively, we are known as the MacPack.  

LaShun is a New Orleans-based bootblack and sex educator.  Ove the last decade, they have shared their expertise in queer theory, sex work, and drug use in professional and community spaces.  Since their public debut as a bootblack during Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2019, Lashun has worked the stands at Colorado LeatherFest, SouthEast LeatherFest, and private events. They are a member of ONYX and creator of Bootblacks and Leathersmiths of Color.  LaShun identifies as transmasculine hard femme, uses he/they pronouns and flags kelly green and orange on the left.   website: facebook & twitter: @shaanlashun

Devon Daniel is 26 years old and has been an active member of the Leather Community for four years.  His interest in leather began many years ago after watching the movie Batman Forever.  You most likely know Devontae (not to be confused with his identical twin brother Tre) by a variety of names including Cortez Pup Thor and K-9.  An active member of the U.S. Navy, he enjoys working out, wrestling, baking, video games, and anime.  His favorite kinks include Age Play, Pup Play, Water Sports, Impact Play and Rubber.  He fell in love with Age Play two years ago, having been introduced to it by his Sir, Master Mac.  K-9 recently became a Brother of ONYX Mid-Atlantic in 2019 as part of the Nefarious Nine pledge line.  K-9 is a proud member of the Mac Pac.

Jack Thompson–also known as Exile ONYX is International Mr. Leather 2019!  He is a widely respected leather craftsman, performer, and wolf.  Naturally inclined to serve, Jack has been an active member of the leather community for 15 years.  He is a founding farther of ONYX Northwest, and a current member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic.  He is also founder of Rebel Kings of Baltimore:  Drag King troupe, a member of Alameda Leather Corp., and served as the board secretary for Queer Sphere in San Francisco.  In 2018, Jack both represented Mr. May in the Bare Chest calendar and became the 2019 Leatherman of Color.  Jack is a a proud biracial, transgender, HIV-positive Leatherman.  He currently lives in Baltimore with his husband, IMBB 2019 and IML 2017 1st runner-up Geoff Millard.  His company, Exiled Leather, specializes in leather accessories such as hanky wallets, harnesses and suspenders.  He flags black and navy on the right, light pink and kelly green on the left, and houndstooth down the middle. 

Spec lives in Atlanta and works as a Data Engineer for a NYC based non-profit.  He’s been a brother of ONYX, a leather fraternity for men of color since 2012 and joined the Southeast chapter after moving from New York in 2015.  He’s also served as Mr. American Rubber 2014.  For several years Spec ran the “TransMSM of Color” workshop at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference in Philadelphia that brought together Trans and Cis men of color to talk about issues of sex, kink, connection, cruising and health.  In the past he traveled extensively, but these days you’d be more likely to find him at a local ATL watering hole or out camping.  Spec hopes to foster connection and understanding through exposing the humanity in all of us. 

Francisco Perales a.k.a. The Navy cub and Mama’s Navy Cub is a Forth Worth Texas native, and a 10 year War Veteran of the United States Navy.  Francisco is a member of ONYX Soutwest where he held board positions as Road Captain and Historian.  He is also a member of  Bears LA and held the Bears LA titles of Mr. LA Cub 2016 and 1st runner-up for Mr. Los Angeles Leather Bear 2017.  He currently hold the title of Mr Sanctuary Leather 2019.  Francisco proudly flags Yellow (right), Red (right) Blue (right & left), Gray (right and left) and considers himself a switch.  A few of his kinks include but not limited to flogging, wax play, nipple play, bondage,  sounding, electro play, CBT, verbal degradation, and servant master play.  His only limit is his imagination and his motto is let no one set the narrative for your leather journey!

Khalid El Bey (a.k.a. SelfLaw ONYX) is your Leatherman of Color (LoC) 2016.  He is a proud full brother of ONYX Mid-Atlantic and has been actively involved in the Leather community by volunteering his time from the start of his journey as well as serving in various positions within ONYX Mid-Atlantic and other local and regional organizations including DC Leather Pride and Brother Help Thyself.         

Khalid is a disabled veteran of the United States Navy and identifies as a sadomasochistic Bear, service Sir and WolfPup with an abundance of kinks and fetishes.  He has both presented and/or been a panelist for a number of leather/kink/BDSM sex positive events in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  During his title year, Khalid made history not only as the 8th man to carry the title of Leatherman of Color, but by also being the first LoC to make an international appearance.  Khalid also took a leading role in the production of the Leatherman of Color Contest Weeekends (2017 & 2018), and had the pleasure of emceeing both Leatherman/Leatherwoman of Color Contests in 2019 during the inaugural Mufasa’s Pride Fellowship Weekend.

Nicole “Nikki” Noir is a Black, queer, ploy Leather Owner/Dominant/Dadddy, Head of Household for the House of NOIR, founder of SensuWell Holistic Wellness, and host of Black Radical Queer Podcast.  She has engaged in kink and power exchange dynamics since 2007, and has been active in the lifestyle community since 2012, formerly serving as the social media liason for Black FemDom Atlanta, and Health and Wellness chair for Onyx Pearls Southeast.  Nikki is currently a NCSF Advocate, memer of Onyx Pearls Southeast, and the Pearls liasion for this years ONYX Blackout.  Nikki’s kinks and skills include impact play, bondage, wax play, interrogation, mind fuck, fisting, orgasm control & denial, sensory overload & deprivation, rough body play, consensual non consent, and sensation play. She incorporatess holistic wellness into her scenes and teaches others how to do so with her “PreCare” class.  She also teaches classes on long distance dynamics, how to navigate mental health issues in a dynamic, and more. 

Social media: Facebook Nicole Noir. IG: @thenoirhous, Blog:  the