We are honored to introduce to you our Onyx University presenters for

Blackout 27 – Kinky Paradise!


Dominion Onyx &

Azimech Exousia

Dominion is a Leatherman, Kinkster, and Sadist. He has written about and taught classes on Sex Positivity, Diversity in the Leather Community, Assplay, Torture & Humiliation, Spanking, Flogging, and Electro. Dominion spearheads ONYX’s partnership with Widener University’s PhD Human Sexuality Program, exposing future clinicians/educators to the Leather community.

Dominion co-hosts The BGKH Show with Dominion & Epic, every Wednesday on YouTube. He writes erotic and educational pieces for Recon, authors Dominion’s Opinions for BearWorld Magazine, and Alex and Alonzo: A Love Story, the erotic/romantic/pornographic adventures of two men who meet one night on the train to work, available on Amazon.

Azimech identifies as a slave and is the owned property of Dominion ONYX since April 8, 2016


    • How to Build and Master the Hole of Your Dreams

Lady D

My name is Reverend Deborah Harrison, but I am better known as Lady D. I am a Lifestyle Domme and the owner of D&S Lifestyles Inc. I am an ordained minister, a counselor and consultant and a certified Master Hypnotherapist and I truly believe in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. In all of these capacities, I counsel and help those in complimentary lifestyles acknowledge their divine nature and accept who they truly are. For almost fourteen years I was the leader of P.E.P Atlanta (People Exchanging Power), a pansexual support and social group. In 2001, I created PEP4POC (People Exchanging Power for People of Color) an inclusionary group created to Enlighten, Empower and dispel myths and misconceptions concerning BDSM and People of Color. I founded Onyx Pearls Southeast in 2006 and am a past president and organizer. I also helped to relaunch OPSE in 2015. Onyx Pearls Southeast is a women’s organization focused on empowerment, female camaraderie, community awareness and community service. Onyx Pearls Southeast is the sister organization to the Southeast Men of Onyx and many other Onyx Pearls chapters have been birthed. I was also Ms. Southern Coastal States Leather from 2000 to 2012.


    • Erotic Hypnosis: A guide to sexual healing
    • Heavy is the Head (Co-presenter)

Master James a.k.a. BlackHerc ONYX &

slave 016-122-600 (it)

BDSM Master with over 35 yrs. Scene experience. ONYX NY/NE Founding Father & Old Guard Leatherman mentored in Germany and England.  Mr. Boston Leather 2002 and Mr. Fire Island Leather 2003.  MSW/Personal Trainer/ Master Ballroom Coach/Security Specialist.  61 yrs. Young, 6′, 210#, tattooed & pierced Harley Rider.  Also known as BlackHerc, Sir reigns over His small stable of slaves and boys and enjoys playing in an extremely eclectic range of BDSM/kink/fetish scenes.  “There’s not much I can think of that I haven’t experienced! And for most of it, I’ve gone back for more!”

Boy of Master James for 21 years. In this 22nd year, contacted as owned slave. Accomplished musician, computer programmer, sound engineer and devoted submissive. 52 yrs. young, strong, tattooed, former gymnast, slave is a rope enthusiast and is impact play trained. slave has given its identity to the pleasure of its Lord and Master


    • Bondage 101 in Action


MsDDom is very active in the Atlanta community and lives in an M/s dynamic with her slave, CreamDream. She holds membership in MAsT chapters, leads Black FemDoms-Atlanta, co-leads Black Atlanta Munch, is founding member and Road Captain of Women in Leather Atlanta, as well as, serves as Award Chair for NLA-I,  Education Director for the Leather Solidarity Collective, and Southeast coordinator for Women of Drummer. Recipient of the SELF Community Award and SE Pantheon of Leather Award, MsDDom continues her service to the community by presenting, peer mentoring, volunteering, and curating the Black FemDoms-Atlanta podcast. MsDDom and CreamDream volunteer for the Carter/Johnson Leather Library & Collection Atlanta Annex as Librarians and enjoy traveling across the U.S. and Canada.


    • Realistic Rules, Rituals, and Protocols

MsKitty Black

MsKitty Black she/they, is a dominant switch, involved in kink, fetish and Leather personally and professionally since 1998 in Dallas, Detroit and now Ft Lauderdale. She’s organized, volunteered, played and taught in many great cities and events all over the country.

Currently MsKitty organizes the Florida Fetish Rendezvous Dungeon at TransPride/Pride Ft. Lauderdale, the Gear Up! For Pride and the FFR Cake SPLOSH!, partnered with Mr. Florida Rubber.

Favorite activities include trampling/pressure fetish, slapping, rough body play, foot worship, breath play of all kinds, biting, smoking fetish, knife play, rope, clothespins, CBT, public play.


    • Pressure Fetish – The art of using body weight to connect in play

Poppa Savant ONYX &


Bear Mike, also Poppa Savant Onyx, is an associate member of Onyx, member New Mexico Leather League, patched Albuquerque Leather Daddys, and is Mama’s Alpha Tech.  He leads weekly naked yoga sessions for CLAW and Albuquerque Men’s Naked Yoga, with worldwide attendance.  Mike is now generally a Dom in BDSM but switches to learn or relax, skilled in impact play and electro play, sensation play, fisting, watersports, but also enjoys bondage, cigar play, and anything else fun.  He has lectured various classes at CLAW, CLAW Virtual, Spring Pandemonium, ILSb-ICBB, and other events.  Mike is married to Bear Marvin.

Bear Marvin, also known as Lash Onyx, is a member of Onyx Men of Color, holds the title New Mexico Leather Bear 2019, and is Mama’s Kinky Martian. He enjoys impact play, rope, Fisting, Watersports, power exchange and exploring more in BDSM. He produced the successful inaugural Onyx event in Albuquerque, the Black and White Fetish Ball, which raised funds for the Transgender Resource Center of NM. While in the Navy, Marvin volunteered his time for HIV/AIDS awareness in the broader community. He has traveled to many events across the USA with his husband, Bear Mike.


    • Better BDSM Play with Passion
    • Kinky Naked Yoga

Rodger Belk &

SelfLaw ONYX

Rodger Belk was born and raised in Baskerville, CA and first walked into SF Eagle 36 years ago wearing western regalia. He is a long whip and flogging enthusiast; you may have interacted with him at the Happytails during a number of IML, Folsom, Dore Alley, MAL amongst many other large events. He has been a member of Avatar Club Los Angeles, Long Beach Orange County Motorcycle Club; with a brief stint in ONYX .He has had the pleasure of judging a past Mr. Faultline Leather contest and prepped many contestants of a myriad of contests. Recently, he has supported his WolfPup at both SouthEast LeatherFest 25 and 22 in Atlanta, GA and Weekend Reunion/ Piscataway ,NJ in 2018. Rodger’s family consists of hus-boi, his WolfPup, and a canine Boxer-Pit mix named Quest and they reside in Columbia, South Carolina.

Khalid El Bey (aka SelfLaw ONYX) is your Leatherman of Color (LoC) 2016 and a proud full brother of ONYX Mid-Atlantic.  Khalid has served in various leadership positions within ONYX Mid-Atlantic and other local and regional organizations, including DC Leather Pride and Brother Help Thyself. Khalid is a disabled veteran of the United States Navy.  He also identifies as a sadomasochistic Bear and WolfPup with an abundance of kinks and fetishes. Khalid has both presented and/or been a panelist for a number of leather/kink/bdsm/sex positive events across the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. During his title year, Khalid made history not only as the 8th man to be the Leatherman of Color but also being the first LoC to make an international appearance. Khalid also took a leading role in the production of the Leatherman of Color Contest Weekend (2017 & 2018) and recently emceed the inaugural Mufasa’s Pride Fellowship Weekend 2019. Most recently, served as Head Judge and educational presenter at SouthEast LeatherFest 25. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina.


    • Not Your Daddy’s Flogging

Sir Phoenix Black

Sir Phoenix Black is a cis-gendered, poly, heterosexual, leatherman, kink performer and BDSM educator. He identifies as a Dominant, Daddy and heavy Sadist. As a fetish performer his specialties include fire play, all forms of impact play (especially singletails), fire impact and knife play. Based out of Atlanta, he has presented at national conferences such as Sex Down South, Beyond Leather, Flame Conference, Thrive Conference and local events such as Ravenous Munch, 1763 and the Atlanta Eagle. He is a mentor with the Atlanta Mentors project, an alumni of the Masters Dominant Consortium, and a Dungeon Monitor. He is a strong advocate for those to find out and live out their most authentic version of themselves. His philosophy of “Love what you do, Do what you Love” is what motivates how he moves in the world of Leather.

Instagram: @Realphoenixblack

Fetlife: SirPhoenix Black


    • Art & Science of Single Tail
    • Heavy is the Head (Co-presenter)

SteeleToe the Bootblack

SteeleToe the Bootblack started his bootblack journey in 2017 at the NJ Kollege of Kink’s Bootblack 101. He was 2022 IMBB 1st Runner Up, and inaugural winner of the IMBB Brotherhood award. He was the first Northeast Bootblack winner in 2020/2021. SteeleToe was elected President of Onyx NY/Northeast for 2020, and VP for 2019. He won the Brother of the Year award in 2019.

SteeleToe is Head of the House of Steele, focusing on kink/fetish/BDSM education, and living openly to eliminate stigmas about kink, particularly for POC. He taught at LLC, Bootblack RoundUp, Virtual Bootblack Jam, Kink U, and various ONYX chapters.

SteeleToe volunteers at many leather events and with the LHF Soles with Heart Program. He’s blacked across the country, including IML/IMBB, MAL, CLAW, Lake Erie Bootblack Weekend, and several leather contests and clubs.


    • Building and Caring for a Leather Wardrobe

Jackie Harris & Zack Budd

The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions. The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit these communities. We aim to be inclusive by creating opportunities for more people of various backgrounds to be represented and heard by NCSF.


    • Consent