Onyx Deep South is accepting applications to present at Blackout 27 to be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 6-10, 2022. Class sessions must be 90 minutes long including questions and answers. Sessions may be conducted by one or more presenters. These sessions are encouraged to be interactive and creative. 

While Blackout will not have “formal” tracks, prioritized areas of focus include:

  • Kink and Fetish Instructive classes
  • Unusual and creative BDSM classes
  • Discussions/round tables that expand definitions of who and what the leather/kink community is
  • Hot topics we have not previously presented

Applications should highlight the kink or fetish being presented and should focus on building skills and knowledge, and provide recommendations and resources for further learning. Presenters must provide all equipment necessary for a successful class.



A workshop is an interactive skills-building session on BDSM, kink, or leather play.


A Roundtable is an in-depth exploration of a specific topic facilitated by an individual or panel. The difference between a roundtable and a workshop is that the emphasis is on the discussion and may or may not include demonstrations.

Affinity Group

An affinity group is a group of people linked by a common interest or purpose. Some examples of affinity groups include AA, Al-Anon, Sexual Assault Survivors, Recovering Sex Addicts, etc. Onyx Deep South believes that affinity groups are a key to building lasting connections with folks in our community and fostering diversity and well-being.


To be considered as a presenter, applications must be submitted online in accordance with the following guidelines.  Hand-written applications are not accepted.

Applications must be received by May 15, 2022.  Upon submission, you will receive an electronic confirmation.  If you do not receive an electronic confirmation or have any questions, please contact the Blackout committee.


Notification of application status will be emailed to presenters no later than June 30, 2022. Notification will be sent to the primary presenter.  Please notify other co-presenters of the application status. Submission of an application implies a commitment to register and be present at the conference.  Presenters receive a discounted registration rate for the conference (the early bird registration rate, regardless of when they register).

The application deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications.

Thanks to all of you who submitted an abstract. We will be in touch!

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